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 Gordon Clarke 
  BSc (Hons) Technology, Dip.DesIn, Dip.SysPrac
 Inclusive Access Management Consultant 

- Access Consultancy and Facility Management
- Access To Work Scheme
- Access for Everyone (Access Audits)
- A Guide to the preparation of a PEEP

Access Consultancy and Facility Management

Gordon Clarke has a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Technology. His specialist areas are Inclusive Design and Management Systems in a disability inclusive context. He has also completed the Access Audit Course with the Centre for Accessible Environments in London. In addition to access requirements, Gordon is currently learning British Sign Language (BSL) to further his understanding and appreciation of inclusive environments specifically relating to people. Recently, Gordon published an article in "Means of Escape" regarding Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs). To find out more about PEEPs please go to the bottom of this page. If you want to go to the article please follow this link "PEEP Article"

In additon, Gordon is a Parish Councillor and serves on the Planning Committee of the local Parish Council.

Besides acting as an Inclusive Access Management Consultant providing recommendations for access for those with disabilities, Gordon Clarke also has an interest in promoting the concept of Inclusive Design within the built environment.

If your business requires accessibility to be considered within it's core business - please make contact by pressing the Contact Details button on the left of this text and this will provide you with the opportunity to communicate with Gordon Clarke via e-mail - he will be able to assist you in reaching your goal. If you would like to discuss a more comprehensive package including facilities management of your business or other related business sites then please send details to Access4u2 Limited, PO Box 500, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN14 7WR (UK) or contact us by the methods shown on the Contact Details page.


Access to Work Scheme


Access to Work does not replace the normal responsibilities of the employer to implement Health & Safety regulations or replace the responsibilities required by the Disability Discrimination Act.

Access to Work is available when additional costs are incurred because of a disability. It cannot be used to provide support usually provided by employers or required under legislation for all their employees. An Access to Work solution is individually tailored to meet the disability needs of the disabled employee in the workplace. The Disability Act 1995 puts a duty on employers to take any steps that are reasonable to reduce or remove any substantial disadvantage that a physical feature of their premises or their employment arrangements causes a disabled employee or job applicant compared with a non-disabled person. This is known as 'reasonable adjustment'. The Access to Work Team or Jobcentre Plus cannot give legal advice on this matter. The fact that Jobcentre Plus is providing help for a disabled employee through Access to Work does not mean that you (as an employer) have satisfied this duty.


Gordon provides Adaptation to Premises Assessments and complex assessments for disabled people under the Access to Work Programme (Access to Work is a Government backed Scheme operated by the DWP through Jobcentre Plus). The Access to Work Scheme differs from Access Auditing in that the Access Audit looks at making the whole site reasonably accessible, whereas the Access to Work Scheme makes the working environment accessible subject to the disability need of the individual. The Access to Work Scheme provides the employer with the oportunity to understand the working environment that excludes disabled people. The Assessment Report will provide detail on either adjustments to management systems and or to the physical environment to assist in a more inclusive atmosphere.


What kind of help can an Access to Work Adviser offer?

  • In-depth information on the Access to Work programme including advice which can help disabled people and their employers overcome work related obstacles resulting from disability
  • an assessment of your needs and whether Access to Work is appropriate for you
  • details of the grant that may be available, through the Jobcentre Plus, towards any extra employment costs which result from disability

If you are not sure how to make contact with the Access To Work Scheme, please send an e-mail to or please press the Contact Details button on the left of this text and this will provide you with the opportunity to communicate via e-mail - the process will then be explained. You will be provided with an address and telephone number of an Access To Work Business Centre to assist you with your application.

Access for Everyone (Access Audits)

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) states that by October 2004, service providers should have made 'reasonable adjustments' to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access.


To overcome many of the problems that service providers may encounter, all that is required is for the service provider to have an 'ongoing Access Action Plan' to establish how well a particular building performs in terms of access and ease of use by a wide range of potential users, including people with mobility and sensory impairments.


Access4u2 Limited can help you achieve this goal. We can prepare your action plan. We offer fast, efficient and professional Access Audit Assessments needed as the basis for your Access Action Plan. This will provide the basis for an Inclusive Access Action Plan which will take a long-term strategic view of improving access and identifying opportunities for change. Our expertise lies not only in our technical skill but also our knowledge about the range of information and accessibility equipment available on the market.


It is important to act as quickly as possible. This definitive document will not only protect you from vicarious litigation but it will also enable you to remain within the confines of not only the DDA but also the New Part M of the Building Regulations and BS 8300:2001 (Design of Buildings and Their Approaches to Meet the Needs of Disabled People).

If your organisation is recommended for an Access Audit through the Access to Work Scheme the following options are available:

The Option 1 Access Audit includes:

A working document for general accessibility.
Option 1 does not include photographs or expected costs to make your organisation accessible (although the costs will be discussed verbally). Please see notes on Option 1 & 2 Access Audits (after Option 2 Access Audit information)


The Option 2 Access Audit

This option will include the following:


A working document using photographs and detailed information about expected costs for accessibility  


Notes on Option 1 & 2 Access Audits


The cost of an Option 1 & 2 Access Audit is based on a small to medium sized organisation and or a small to medium sized site Factory or campus that does not exceed 2 acres and more than 2 floor levels. This is based on the organisation not having more than 2 large buildings.


A large organisation that exceeds the areas detailed above can expect the Access Audit to be in a higher price band as follows:


The Option 3 Access Audit

Over 2 acres (under 5 acres)

and or up to 4 floor levels and not more than 3 buildings on site.


This will include the following:


A working document (As option 2 Access Audit) using photographs and detailed information about expected costs for accessibility.



The Option 4 Access Audit

Over 5 acres (under 10 acres)

and or up to 4 floor levels and not more than 4 buildings on site.


This will include the following:


A working document (As option 2 Access Audit) using photographs and detailed information about expected costs for accessibility.


The Option 5 Access Audit (by negotiation)

Over 10 acres and or up to 4 floor levels and more than 4 buildings on site. 
This will include the following:


A working document (As option 2 Access Audit) using photographs and detailed information about expected costs for accessibility.

To enquire about Access Audits please make contact by sending an email to and we will respond to your communication as soon as possible. Alternatively, please contact us on any of the telephone numbers on the Contact Details page.





The provision of adequate means of escape in case of fire for disabled persons is a collective responsibility shared by all.  Establishing solutions, within the concept of 'reasonable adjustments' can be difficult in some properties and may even be impossible in others.

In seeking practical solutions, it is very important to remember that 'reasonable adjustment' does not just mean physical changes to buildings. Whilst physical adjustments may be required in some cases, many straightforward solutions lie in re-organising the ways in which activities are carried out within each business unit.

The preparation of a PEEP involves the following steps:-

1        Collation of information about the individual so that the PEEP can be tailored to the person (the nominated Facilities Co-ordinator is responsible for collating this information).

The next phase is for the nominated Facilities Co-ordinator to establish which part of the building the individual will be using.

3        The third stage is to review the specific means of escape conditions in those parts of the building.  Again it is the responsibility of the nominated Facilities Co-ordinator to collate the information but in all cases this must be done in collaboration with the Fire Safety Adviser who will assist in the assessment of the physical environment and the completion of the form.

The final stage is the completion of the written PEEP using the format provided. Again the nominated Facilities Co-ordinator will be assisted in determining the final arrangements by the Fire Safety Adviser.

If you would like a copy of a PERSONAL EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN (PEEP) please send an email to and we can send a copy to you.



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