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The Services We Provide:

Access4u2 provides a service that can be defined into three areas:

1 Inclusive Accessibility 
   Inclusive Accessibility Strategic Policy Advice
Access Audits and Risk / Workplace Audits
   Training - Disability and Equality Awareness 

2 Inclusive Strategic Change Management Solutions

   Growth Strategies initiating Change Management Solutions


3 Inclusive Accessible Event Management Solutions

The relationship between all of these services is the synergy of purpose to resolve a problem.

Inclusive Accessibility

will provide a long-term strategic view of improving access and identifying opportunities for change. Our expertise lies not only in our technical skill but also our knowledge about the range of information and accessibility equipment available on the market. Our Inclusive package can include one or more of the following services:

- Access Auditing
Please see the Access Consultancy Page of this website

- Building Surveying Services

- Access Management Facilitation
Please see the Access Consultancy Page of this website

- Training

General Disability and Equality Awareness Training is essential for the service industries - for example: retail and transport (particularly in the aviation sector). This training will enable your employees to understand the needs of disabled people which will generate real benefits not only with communication but with effective use of time and service. Service delivery is important and Access4u2 has a "Five Star" delivery program that will make effective change.

Other specific services provided are as follows:

Ergonomic Solutions ranging from:
- Risk Assessments
- Workplace Solutions
- Training & Seminars

Other Ergonomic Service Solutions Include:
- Product Design and Usability
- Industrial Ergonomics

Hearing Impaired
- Hearing Assessments
- Deaf Awareness Training
- BSL Interpreter Services

Visually Impaired
- Visually Impaired Assessments
- Computer Software for Visually Impaired
- Braille Transcription Service
- Tactile Diagrams with or without Braille
- Training packages include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking and ViaVoice
    (also including use with MindMap Software)
  • TextHELP! and TouchType Read & Spell
  • Inspiration and SpeakOUT
  • Hal, JAWS, LookOUT and WindowEyes
  • Braille Maker, Cipher and Duxbury Braille Translation
  • BigShot, Dual, Lunar/LunarPlus, Magnus, SuperNova, ZoomText
  • Cicero and Kurzweil 1000
  • TextBridge and OmniPage Pro
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • Microsoft Windows (98, Me, XP, 2000) and Microsoft Office

Deaf Blind Services
This is a very specialist service area and you will need to contact us regarding your requirements.

Inclusive Strategic Change
Management Solutions

This is a new service from Access4u2. Strategic Change Management Solutions combines the group efforts of an organisation to produce an inclusive synergy that will be both productive and rewarding. Many things cause organisational change and as a result require inclusive change management solutions that are effective. The cause for these changes include:

  • challenges of growth,
  • changes in strategy
  • technological changes
  • competitive pressures
  • customer pressure, particularly shifting markets
  • to learn new organisation behaviour and skills
  • government legislation/initiatives.

Lack of awareness has been identified as an inhibitor of effective change towards inclusive accessibility. Access4u2 can develop a package that will provide relevant training, for example in inclusive change management skills, - all of which can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of any change initiative.

Access4u2 can also address the concerns of poor communication and the link it has to issues surrounding the effectiveness of change in various ways - for example, imposed change can lead to greater employee resistance.

Access4u2 uses Mind-Mapping visualisation techniques to provide clients with options for change and delivery. To see how the Inclusive Strategic Change Management Solutions Service from Access4u2 can help you - Please send an email to

The Inclusive Strategic Change Management Solutions service can also be combined with all the other services that Access4u2 provides.

Inclusive Accessible
Event Management Solutions

Access4u2 can enable organisations to provide events that are inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Other services are being added on a regular basis as the collaborative services of our experts increase. For more information please contact Gordon Clarke on 07930 661528

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